Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Small, But Needed Updates

I love to cook and if given my choice I would kill to have a gas stove, but I suppose there will always be sacrifices I'll have to make through out life. OK, I'm really not that pretentious, but seriously our old white stove had to go. We have all stainless steel appliances and this bad boy was one of the last couple of pieces to our puzzle in the kitchen. We actually had our eye on this Frigidaire stove for a couple of weeks and to our surprise last night during one of our many weekly trips to Lowe's our stove had been placed in the clearance section with almost $140 taken off the price being that it was the display model. Well James likes a bargain and even more then that he loves a challenge so we asked for another 10% off. We got it for only $550!

Old stove with James hidding behind it ;)

Oh yeah, that's lookin' good!

But our light in the dining room wasn't lookin' so good. So while most people were having a pretty typical fourth of July holiday James and I updated this light fixture as well as painting the living room and hallway (which you will have to wait for living room pics).


We’ve been looking for this type of light fixture for sometime now and were actually contemplating making it ourselves, but we were able to pick it up at Lowe's for around $250. Currently is not on the Lowe's website :(

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