Wednesday, August 4, 2010

House is rented! BUT now we have to finish the master suite...AHHH!

After a week or two of being listed for rent we found some great renters! Big relief for James and I, but now this means we have a lot of work to do on 1167 Jackson to make it liveable for our new renters. The main project is finishing up the bathroom we are currenlty adding to the upstairs level. We are converting a big walk-in closet to be the master bath and  have added a new walk-in closet to complete the master suite. I'll keep posting photos as our project completes. Sorry for the low quality images - used the camera on my phone.
Electrical work is completed and we just agreed on the paint color - whew!
Almost finished - HA!
oh yeah, livin' the dream right now...
All new plumbing!
Oh course, all this new plumbing creates a mess in our kitchen
New walk-in closet