Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Shower

I recently had the honor of throwing a baby shower for my sister in Kansas City and wanted to share some of the pictures of this wonderful event!

My sister wanted to make sure everyone had a great time so there were no mocktails at this baby shower! I made refreshing mimosas, sangria, and watermelon martini's (used real watermelon for the puree and froze some for 'ice cubes'), while also serving red and white wine. Don't worry my sis had lemonade.

We played a couple of those fun baby games such as guess what's in the baby food jar, guessing how big the mommy's belly is with toilet paper, and transferring cotton balls from one bucket to the next...blindfolded (which was a big hit)!

We served lots of snacks - homemade cheese fondue, not-so-homemade quiche appetizers, fruit and veggie trays, as well as cupcakes and a strawberry cake from the Ozark-famous Spring Creek Tea Room.

That cake topper was actually the same one I used for my wedding. I just reperposed it for another fabulous occasion.


  1. so so so so cute! Everything looks amazing! Congrats on all your exciting fabulousness! :)
    <3 Maggie Osgood