Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kitchen Updates

James added trim to the tops of cabinets! yay!

Friday, December 11, 2009

We Got a TV!

For many of you know that James and I haven't had a TV for a year. With all the deals going on this Christmas we finally caved and got a 42 inch flat screen. BUT, we are determined not to get cable, which I'm hoping we stick to. It's been nice catching back up on Antique Roadshow on PBS.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home Updates

James has been very busy upstairs lately. He has almost finished all the dry wall for our upstairs remodel (adding a new walk-in closet and a full bathroom in our master)!

Christmas Time!

I love Christmas. Not the gifts, but the music and the snow and the lights. Actually, nothing stresses me out more than buying Christmas gifts for James. I don't know why, but I literally had a freak out when I realized tonight that this beautiful leather messenger bag from Sundance was no longer available-it had sold out within the past 5 hours that I had last checked on it. I guess it's because this will be our first Christmas being married and I feel so lucky to be married to such an amazing husband and best friend that I wanted it to be special. Oh well. I'll figure out something to get him...

Our Christmas tree that has been up before Thanksgiving! I know, I'm a freak!

We also placed candles in every window and hung a HUGE lighted wreath on the outside of our home.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Grumps' Birthday

My Grandfather, Grumps, recently celebrated his birthday at the St. Louis History Museums famed Sunday brunch. Sally, my beautiful grandmother, nearly died having to keep a secret for more than a week of this surprise party she gave him. Now...there is a reason we call him Grumps...and you can bet it was a surprise to all of us to see how graciously he took to having the extra company at his Sunday brunch.

The history museum was also hosting a Green Living party that day. Too hippie-ish for me, but I'm sure it was a great time for others.

The brunch seating area has huge floor to ceiling windows over looking Forest Park. The food is delicious and if you are so inclined to drink at 10am they have refreshing cocktails.

Grumps is on the far right and you can tell by his expression that he is still trying to wrap his head around sharing his brunch with us hooligans.

My Gorgeous Grandmother and handsome Grandfather! They been married for over 50 years now and it is always a nice reminder that marriages can work for many years if both people put in the extra time and effort.

Not the most flattering of shots, but I'm not one for boosting my ego ;)

Our new favorite Bar - Q

The signature to Q (and what has kept us going back) is the massive rooftop patio. Even on chilly weather days their outdoor area is kept warm with elevated space heaters and sleek patio canopy's. There is also an enclosed bar on the rooftop with a chic vibe. The decor in the main dining room and bar area is also very chic with leather weaved wall coverings, mother of pearl wall features, and really nice restrooms. There is a stage on the ground floor for bands to play and their food is just as good as the atmosphere - mushroom flatbread pizza and jalapeno wongtongs are to die for!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wonderful Weather

James and I can't get over the amazing weather we've been having in St. Charles. We recently took the kids to New Town to get some sun and to watch the old men with their play sail boats.

You can kinda see the sail boats in the distance.

The beautiful 2 million dollar home at New Town.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Vintage Glassware

During my Thanksgiving adventure at the Farm I was given the chance to pick out some crystal that was my Great Grandmothers. I choose delicate champagne classes that have hollow stems and small high ball glasses (I think that is what they are called). So looking forward to using them during the holiday season!

Thankful For Cheese Grits!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving this year - I was fortunate to have two. One at my in-laws house in St. Charles and the other one was at the family farm.

I got to have my sister and brother-in-law at both Thanksgivings

My sister-in-law worked hard at the cranberry sauce. She will make such a great wife someday...

Baby Aiden dressed up for the occasion by sporting the pirate shoes we got him

Ann played "beautiful" music on the piano

and James terrorized the kitty cats....oh yes, a very successful Thanksgiving #1.
On to #2.

The amazing old red barn at the farm

My Aunt Kay is an amazing cook and now my clothes are feeling a bit tighter because of it.

One of the many reasons I love the farm sooo much.

The night ended with a pretty intense 4 hour poker game in the den, which is furnished with Frank Lloyd Wright furniture.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Could I Suck More?

Wow, it has really been a month since I last posted. James got a new car (350Z), I started a new job, put James motorcycle into storage, tore up carpet, went to Hermann, MO and New Orleans, LA. Hell, we even fit a football game into the mix.

Word to the wise....don't go to Hermann, MO during Oktoberfest....crowds were so annoying that they totally killed my buzz.

See, long lines.

James doesn't like lines either.

Although, we did cheer up long enough to smile for a photo.


Oh yeah, nothin' like tailgating

and seeing massive ass crack and...

my Dad and close family friend getting drunk...

and sobering up for a photo with Dad.

New Orleans!!!
I haven't been since I was little, so it was a blast going back. I only lost $0.50 when we gambled! I'm soooo amazing...not really, BUT what was amazing was flying into Lakefront Airport. Totally on the water.

Double romantic flowers, chocolate and wine waiting for us in our hotel room when we landed. James is such a good man.

Oh, and we had a kid.........................

Geez, calm down. It's my nephew.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

James Reed Original

My husband is quite the artist sometimes. He aged this world map with just the right amount of tea stain, missing pieces, and burnt edges. It sits perfectly in a big black frame that he found at an estate sale. We originally had this piece hanging up in our office, but thought the scale was perfect for the wall behind our couch.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Office Furniture

James and I picked up new office chairs last week at Office Max. We think they look more expensive than the $3oo we laid down for both. I'm looking forward to painting the office walls, so that they pop even more!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple Pickin Time

It was family fun time at the Reed's house this past weekend. We all (5 total) piled into the family truckster on our way to the Eckert's Orchard in Illinois on Saturday to do some apple pickin'!

But before I would get into the car with Ann (sister-in-law/best bud) I made her freshen up.

We had to take 2 ferries just to get there! Good thing Mrs. Reed brought along a lot of snacks....

Before a certain nasty comment was made to me by my lovely husband....

Death PUNCH!!

Anyways, we all got pretty hungry before we even made it to the farm (I know, a bunch of fat kids going on a road trip) so we stopped by Fin Inn, which is an aquarium restaurant. I once had a horrible experience there when I was pretty young. My grandmother decided to order turtle soup as we were sitting next to TURTLES!! AHHHHH!!!

Ann and I doing our signature pose

See! it is a signature pose! This was taken in Germany when Ann was living there a couple of years ago....Okay back to Fin Inn.

Almost every table has their own aquarium. Which sounds awesome at first, but fish poop. That's all I need to say.

Whew, so we all finally made it!

Fresh apple cider!!!!


She got a little too excited

Ann!!! Why did you pull all those apples off???!!!!!!

James doesn't really ever need an excuse to climb a tree

Oh yeah. baseball in the apple grove. Did we get in trouble? Yes. Yes, we did.

Mushrooms? okay....


The End.