Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Downtown St. Charles

We love, love, love that we live near amazing historic homes. We always drive or bike by our favorites just oohing and ahh-ing at the parts we wish we could duplicate on our own home someday. This is just a small sample of the neat homes near historic Main street in St. Charles.

This green home with the glass garden room in the front was actually built in the 1920's and is original to the home. The house is also believed to have had the first air conditioning in St. Charles.

This home below is just behind our street and is one of our favorites.

Although far from being an historic home, I love how they've used minimalistic landscaping to modernize and set their house apart from the pack. Apparently other people think so too, as they have been awarded a local landscape award.

I love the lookout deck at the very top of this home

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