Saturday, March 6, 2010

U.S.S Constitution

Our favorite part of Boston was hands down the U.S.S Constitution. This old fine lady was launched in 1797. Not only was the tour free, but they let you run around with out any real supervision and for a person who had to be on a leash when she was a kid it was AWESOME!

Captain's bed

Uncomfortable sleeping quarters

I don't think I was supposed to pick that up, BUT seriously they didn't supervise me...BIG mistake.

Boston B&W

Gangsta History ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"No street is North and South"

Boston was amazing! The weather, although chilly and a little damp, worked in our favor with no snow to worry about. I love cities that scream history and are setup so you can easily walk or take public transportation instead of having to drive everywhere. Boston was definitely one of those cities. As you can imagine James and I took a ton of photos. So this set of photos will be the shops and cool architecture that we saw.

Every adventurer needs a good map. We tried going without one to not seems so touristy, but it was too hard without it and actually our guide book turned out to be very useful.

Beautiful, but eerie tombstone art dating from the 1800's

A neat vintage hardware store

Isn't that a fantastic driveway?
The illusion of Spring was all around us!