Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Okay To Hate

We are not fans of pedestal sinks (see below). Sure they look quaint, can be very inexpensive and take up hardly any space, but don’t let those pros blind you from the real issue–no counter space! For a girl that is probably the worst a sink could ever do to you.

We disposed of our pedestal sink mainly because we are currently sharing one bathroom and I needed, you guessed it, counter space. But not only that, we also needed storage below the sink for everyday things like my hair dryer, lotion, extra toilet paper , et cetera that we didn’t want to either display proudly or keep running out to the hall closet to grab.
We got the new sink (see above) at Lowe's for around $150. The kicker to this whole story is that not only did we got tons more storage space,but our new sink actually makes our bathroom appear bigger because it doesn’t jut out as far as the pedestal sink. Besides removing the pedestal sink we have also done some more updates so below is the more improved bathroom.

So now that I’ve torn down pedestal sinks thin veil of pride I’ll build it back up by posting this amazingly rare barber sink I found at Recyclingthepast.com. Don’t tell anyone, but I love it!

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