Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Town...could it be more American?

Fourth of July is coming up so what a great time to talk about those all-American things like apple pie, fireworks and of course New Town in St. Charles, MO!

Probably the most perfect suburb I've ever been to. Almost so perfect you might have to double check that it isn’t a movie set! Yeah, it is a creepy perfect place, but James and I love hanging out at this little chic wine bar off of Domain Street, which is appropriately called Domain Street Wine Bar.

There will be a hometown parade and celebration for this 4th of July complete with music in the amphitheater. I suppose James and I will be the only non-sober people watching the parade, but hey, that helps keep the cute factor down.

* Images from New Town and Domain Street Wine Bar

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  1. I actually used to know some people that live here. They bought in when it was quite new...maybe 4 years ago or so? Most of the amenities were still in the works, but it's sounded really cool!