Sunday, August 9, 2009


James and I had a little date night this Thursday in O'fallon, Missouri at the River City Rascals baseball game.Definitely not the St. Louis Cardinals, but way cheaper - $10 tickets for third row seats behind home plate and beer was around $5.

This game just so happened to be our first baseball game of the season! Only took us until August to go to one.

Right off the bat (Ha!) in the 2nd inning the umpire and the coach had a little tiff.

Then we got to watch QT snacks run around the field.

The old school scoreboard was also a nice treat.

Anyways, to keep this short we left before the 7th ininig, which is pretty good for two kids with self-prescribed ADD. We are going to a Cardinals game on Tuesday so that should be fun, but I doubt it will hold our attention any longer than the River City Rascals and $10 will only gets us a parking spot.


  1. I love the correction. And I love you!

  2. hehe! I never claimed to be an 'expert' on baseball terms :)