Saturday, August 22, 2009

Evening Cocktails

To my mom's reminder, I've haven't been back to my hometown (Springfield, MO) as much as I should. I thought that moving to a bigger city would create many culinary adventures, but I am still missing a couple of things....

Fedora for their fondue
Mudlounge for their martini's
Ocean Zen for amazing sushi
Springfield Brewery Co. for their red quesadilla

Well....I didn't have any red dye, I can't make sushi, and I wasn't in the mood for fondue - so I made martini's! Plus it gave me an excuse to use my James Bond inspired gold martini shaker. Which pretty much rocks.

1 shot vodka
1 shot buttershot liqueur
2 parts Kahlua
bit of milk
(would also be really good with some added coffee)
shaken, not stirred.

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