Monday, August 3, 2009

Drink Drink - Our Top Wine List

Okay, before I start rambling about my favorite wines here are a couple of recent inspired wine items that I just so happened to fall in love with.
An adorable apron

Oh, that age old question...."If I can't drink and drive then how am I supposed to get to work?"

And without further ado...

Wine and Why Trader Joe's is Your Friend

When it comes to affordable wine most people probably think of the efficiently named Two Buck Chuck or it's actual name of Charles Shaw. This value conscious wine comes in a hand full of grape varieties with prices ranging from $1.99 to $3.99 depending on the area you live in and can only be picked up at Trader Joe's. Anything that's not in a box and is under $5 is my friend. I also like to go outside my comfort zone of Trader Joe's exclusive cheap wine. Below is a list of James and I's 5 favorites for this quarter all between $10-$15 a bottle.

*Mark West - Pinot Noir
*Gnarly Head - Old Vine Zinfandel
*Woop Woop - Shiraz
*Hob Nob - Chardonnay
*Cycles Gladiator - Pinto Grigio

And don't waste your money on these 3

*Shoofly - Chardonnay
*Fish Eye - Pinto Grigio
*Voga - Pinto Grigio (Keep the very cool bottle, but ditch the wine)

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