Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Math usually makes me bored, but recently it has made me hungry.
That's right. Math makes me hungry.
Better yet, Pi makes me hungry.

π=3.14159265358979323......boring and old news. Right?

So how about....
π=insanely delicious pizza. YAY!

Pi Pizzeria off of Delmar street is hands down amazing. Not only
do they serve award winning deep dish pizza, but they are also
a green restaurant. James and I finally made it down to this
much talked about restaurant when our plans to go to the
Balloon Glow in Forest Park got changed because of the crazy
amount of traffic. After hearing horror stories about wait times
we were relieved to find we only had a twenty minute wait
before being seated.
We got garlic bread to start out, a couple
of beers, some vodka and Red Bull's
(I was a little under the weather), and made our own deep dish
with onions, mushrooms,
and green peppers. Must have been
some confusion in the kitchen because our pizza got delivered
to the table next to us. After a nice apology from the manager
we got our pizza after a brief wait and they comped it! I'm not
sure if it was the alcohol or the energy I got from the
cornmeal pizza crust, but I was fueled enough to do a pretty
amazing robot impression for my husband that lasted for a
good 5 minutes and only ended when he started throwing ice
cubes at me.

Many of the items in the restaurant are donated pieces or
reused items.

Good God, I wish I had a piece now.

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