Sunday, September 20, 2009

OHHHhhhh Scary

Nothing like that first chilly night in September to get you really excited for Halloween. In the spirit of fall, James built a great big fire the other night in our backyard. I lit torches and some bowl candles we got from Crate and Barrel that will be great to put along our front walkway on Halloween night.

Crate and Barrel bowl candles are only around during the spring/summer months so good thing we have 5 on hand ;)

My mom is really big on Halloween. She recently admitted to having over 15 full boxes of Halloween decorations. I have a feeling my need to decorate for Halloween will never be 15 boxes strong, but I did get excited when I went to and looked at all their great images of fun and unusual ways to decorate this season with pumpkins.

S0 classy and would work great for Thanksgiving, too!

My absolute favorite grouping of pumpkins EVER

Carrot noses, which might pose a problem if they are outside with the squirrels and the birds...

Reminds me of an Indian porcelain incense burner

A great way to recycle some old tin cans

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