Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's A Dog's Life

It's a rainy day in St. Louis today so my attention is being focused on sleep items. Jack and Mischka have a nice dog bed that they both sleep on, but once when we had gone out of town they had used it has a chew toy. Luckily James' mom is a blessed saint and without us asking stitched the bed right back up. Nonetheless, I'm sure a replacement is around the corner.

Jack and Mischka curled up in the car

Usually not a fan of overly cute things for my dogs, but I think the Doodle Dog reverse pet bed from William Wegman collection would fit Jack perfectly!

James and I love all things nautical and what's nice is this Sailcloth Dog Bed is a....cover! So we could theatrically be very eco and keep their old bed and just freshen it up with a new cover with various numbers and sail insignia from actual sails.

Okay, talk about being eco-friendly today. This dog bed from Whiner and Dine is made from used wine crates!

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