Friday, September 11, 2009

Hiking/Trail Running/Mountain Biking

James and I hit up a couple of great trails this week that are pretty close to our house. James did some mountain biking, while Mischka and I hiked and did some trail running at Matson Hill and Castlewood State Park. Matson Hill is a 3-mile singletrack that climbs and descends over 400 feet per lap. It has a pretty rugged terrain with several creek crossings and is dark even on sunny days due to the tall, old growth trees. Castlewood State Park used to be resort that was popular in the 1915's to 1940. Today, the 1,818-acre Park stretches for nearly five miles, straddling both sides of the Meramec River. Unfortunately, I only took pictures of Castlewood State Park.

One of the many lookouts on Lone Wolf Trail

Mischka leading the way

Looking at the railroad tracks that James told me not to go past, but....I did anyway :)

Mischka getting a little dirty. Becoming more like our 'country' dog then our 'city' dog.

My glistening forehead

Misch Misch getting a joy ride from papa

Her expression is priceless in this one!

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