Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple Pickin Time

It was family fun time at the Reed's house this past weekend. We all (5 total) piled into the family truckster on our way to the Eckert's Orchard in Illinois on Saturday to do some apple pickin'!

But before I would get into the car with Ann (sister-in-law/best bud) I made her freshen up.

We had to take 2 ferries just to get there! Good thing Mrs. Reed brought along a lot of snacks....

Before a certain nasty comment was made to me by my lovely husband....

Death PUNCH!!

Anyways, we all got pretty hungry before we even made it to the farm (I know, a bunch of fat kids going on a road trip) so we stopped by Fin Inn, which is an aquarium restaurant. I once had a horrible experience there when I was pretty young. My grandmother decided to order turtle soup as we were sitting next to TURTLES!! AHHHHH!!!

Ann and I doing our signature pose

See! it is a signature pose! This was taken in Germany when Ann was living there a couple of years ago....Okay back to Fin Inn.

Almost every table has their own aquarium. Which sounds awesome at first, but fish poop. That's all I need to say.

Whew, so we all finally made it!

Fresh apple cider!!!!


She got a little too excited

Ann!!! Why did you pull all those apples off???!!!!!!

James doesn't really ever need an excuse to climb a tree

Oh yeah. baseball in the apple grove. Did we get in trouble? Yes. Yes, we did.

Mushrooms? okay....


The End.

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