Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bday Madness

My pretty sister-in-law had a birthday recently so to celebrate James, his parents and myself all got in the family truckster and drove up to KC to see her. We started the day off by seeing her studio at Lauren's Hope. She does some amazing jewelry pieces for them and it was really great to see her work and all the fun metal tools she gets to play around with. The below link is all of her work. It's fabulous!

And since her creativity doesn't just end with jewelry her apartment is also a gem.

Cute little kitchen with her recent paint job. Notice the apron hanging on the wall? I'm sure she cooks often ;)

I love the claw footed tub and exposed brick in the bathroom. Yes Ann. I did take a photo of your bathroom.

Her sunny bedroom with a big bay window used as a headboard.

Thank god Ann has great friends to help her get this heavy antique piano into her living room.

Ann gets a lot of her furniture from thrift stores. Notice the 1970's floral print on the chairs and the floral couch a couple photos down. There is a closet that's is off to the side which houses her fine fashions and an...

adorable cabinet with glass knobs. It stores her only really working olive green typewriter.

Crate and Barrel candle holders hanging from the ceiling helps to break the living room and the dining room into two spaces. The painting in the background is actually our wedding gift from Ann....just wondering when we will receive it. So worth the wait. I just hope it comes in that awesome white frame!

And no bday is complete without building a hot air balloon out of her light fixture. Bon voyage!

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