Sunday, June 27, 2010

Up, Up and Away!

The husband and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a trip to Destin, Florida with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. We stayed at the Destin West Resort and we were incredibly lucky to have not encountered any oil during our whole stay! The water was a bit algae-ish, but my sis kept reminding all of us of the wonderful skin conditioning qualities. The trip started out a bit rocky with a panic attack by my sister during take off.  She is going to kill me for posting these photos, but....
OK, so everyone is having a blast, right?
I mean, look this is a lot of fun!!!
Oh man, this "bus" is really moving...
Oh sweet Jesus! (this is where I had to drop the camera)

On that note, things did calm down and we all settled into penthouse #5, which came complete with its very own hot tub on the 2nd story!

We celebrated vacation life with cheap champagne - although it was made with organic grapes so it felt extra fancy.
Aiden had his first experience with the Gulf of Mexico
Hittin' the bottle early in the morning.
This resort came complete with a gangsta lazy river!
For our one year dinner we ate an amazing restaurant,
Of course the standard photos were taken and the not so standard....
Yep, that's the creep I married.
Bye Florida! Be back soon!

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